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Projects At Coreland Construction, we recognize that while every project requires a consistent approach to professional project management, every project is unique in itself. Coreland matches the most appropriate project delivery system based on the technical, design and functional specifications of each project. Clients are engaged throughout the various project phases and we ensure that there is always clear and consistent communication throughout all project phases.
Featured Projects

In addition to implementing necessary budget and schedule controls, we work closely with our clients to ensure that all requirements are met and that client expectations are always exceeded.

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32 Unit Apartments   Derm Outfall Proyect
Miami International Airport - Terminal F   Richmond Tower Concrete
Restoration Proyect

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Upcoming Bids

In an effort to fast track our subcontractor application process, we encourage qualified companies to complete our online subcontractor form by clicking here.

We will contact you if an upcoming project opportunity fit well with your firm’s capabilities, qualifications and relevant experience. Coreland Construction has an extensive vetting process for all sub-contractors.

Upcoming Bids Featured Projects